Manual Therapy

Manual physical therapy is important to correct physiological barriers in the body caused by injury, overuse, and prolonged poor posture.

Having a therapist skilled with techniques to physically correct and aid in the healing of these problems results in more successful and quicker recoveries.

For many chronic pain patients these manual therapy skills may be their only hope for improvement.

Muscle Energy Technique utilizes the energy of one’s muscles through very light contractions to release “catches,” or biomechanical barriers in muscles and joints throughout the body.

This procedure is frequently used as a less aggressive alternative to manipulation for adjusting the joints of the spine.

Myofascial Release is best understood by first describing fascia, a connective tissue that envelopes every muscle, nerve, blood vessel and ligament fiber of the body.

Myofascial release is the slow progressive multi-directional stretching of the cross fibers to break free the barriers and restrictions.

Intense training and experience is required to perform this therapy properly, and the results of treatment can be dramatic in restoring function and relieving pain.

Strain/Counter Strain is a technique utilizing the body’s nervous system reflexes to release spasm and tension in muscles throughout the body to decrease pain and increase motion.

Joint Mobilization is the physical stretching or manipulation of a joint’s capsule and/or supporting ligaments in order to restore normal physiologic range of motion.

Trigger Point Release is a focal technique using direct compressive force combined with controlled muscle contractions to breakup “knots” or small areas of muscle tightness called trigger points.

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